July 2016 English Dubbed Anime Release Dates

07/02/2016BANDAI VISUALMobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Limited Edition (Import)BD
07/05/2016Sentai FilmworksParasyte - The Maxim - Collection 2BD/DVD
07/05/2016Sentai FilmworksParasyte - The Maxim - Collection 2 Limited EditionBD/DVD
07/05/2016FUNimationThe Devil is a Part Timer - Anime ClassicsBD/DVD
07/05/2016FUNimationGuilty Crown Complete SeriesBD/DVD
07/05/2016FUNimationKarneval The Complete Series - S.A.V.E.BD/DVD
07/05/2016FUNimationSekirei Seasons 1 & 2 The Complete Series - Anime ClassicsBD/DVD
07/05/2016FUNimationAquarion EVOL Season 2 - S.A.V.E.BD/DVD
07/05/2016Nozomi EntertainmentSuper GALS!DVD
07/05/2016FUNimationThe Empire of CorpsesBD/DVD
07/05/2016Buena VistaOnly YesterdayBD/DVD
07/05/2016Viz MediaNaruto Shippuden: Set 27DVD
07/12/2016FUNimationLucky Star The Complete Series + OVABD
07/12/2016FUNimationRobotic Notes - S.A.V.E.DVD
07/12/2016Viz MediaPokemon the Series - XY Kalos Quest: Set 1DVD
07/14/2016Aniplex of AmericaSword Art Online: Extra Edition - Standard EditionBD
07/19/2016Sentai FilmworksChildren Who Chase Lost VoicesBD/DVD
07/19/2016FUNimationFractale The Complete Series - S.A.V.E.BD/DVD
07/19/2016FUNimationKamisama Kiss Season 1 - S.A.V.E.BD/DVD
07/19/2016FUNimationA Certain Magical Index Season 2BD/DVD
07/19/2016FUNimationYona of the Dawn Part 2BD/DVD
07/19/2016FUNimationC - Control The Compete Series - S.A.V.E.BD/DVD
07/19/2016Viz MediaBleach Set 1BD
07/19/2016Aniplex of AmericaPuella Magi Madoka Magica Part 1 and 2: Standard EditionBD
07/26/2016FUNimationDate a Live Season 1 - S.A.V.E.BD/DVD
07/26/2016FUNimationOne Piece Season 8, Voyage 2BD/DVD
07/26/2016FUNimationCode:Breaker The Compete Series - S.A.V.E.BD/DVD
07/26/2016Sentai FilmworksLog Horizon Collection 2BD/DVD
07/26/2016Eastern StarDarkstalkers: The Complete OVA CollectionDVD
07/26/2016Eastern StarLupin the 3rd: Voyage to DangerBD/DVD