February 2016 English Dubbed Anime Release Dates

02/02/2016FUNimationEvangelion Movie 3.33 - You Can (Not) RedoBD/DVD
02/02/2016Discotek MediaNight on the Galactic RailroadBD
02/02/2016Sentai FilmworksFrom the New World: Complete CollectionBD/DVD
02/02/2016Media BlastersJuden ChanBD
02/02/2016Eastern StarNight of the Galactic RoadBD
02/09/2016FUNimationTokyo Ghoul: Season 1 CollectionBD/DVD
02/09/2016Sentai FilmworksAkame ga Kill!: Collection 1BD/DVD
02/09/2016FUNimationFree! Eternal Summer - Season Two - Ordinary, Limited & Premium Edition BD/DVD
02/09/2016FUNimationLord Marksman and Vanadis: The Complete Collection - Limited Edition BD/DVD
02/09/2016Viz MediaPokémon: The First Movie
02/09/2016Viz MediaPokémon: The Movie 2000
02/09/2016Viz MediaPokémon 3: The Movie
02/09/2016Viz MediaPokémon: Movies 1 - 3 Collection(Blu-ray)
02/14/2016NIS AmericaLove Live! School idol project: Season 1 Standard EditionBD
02/14/2016NIS AmericaLove Live! School idol project: Season 2 Premium EditionBD
02/16/2016Aniplex of AmericaFate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]: Season 2 Collection
02/16/2016Aniplex of AmericaFate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]: Blu-ray Box Set 2 LE
02/16/2016FUNimationFREE! -Eternal Summer-: Complete CollectionBD/DVD
02/16/2016Sentai FilmworksFate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!: Complete CollectionBD/DVD
02/16/2016Viz MediaBleach Movies: Unforgiven 2-Pack (Fade to Black & Hell Verse)
02/23/2016FUNimationNo-Rin: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
02/23/2016FUNimationTokyo ESP: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
02/23/2016FUNimationGa-Rei-Zero: Complete CollectionBD/DVD