Upcoming English Dubbed Release Dates

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11/05/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollAce Attorney Season 2 Part 2BD/DVD
11/05/2019Sentai FilmworksMy Teen Romantic ComedySNAFU: The Complete Season 1 & 2BD
11/05/2019FunimationPop Team Epic - EssentialsBD
11/05/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollRestaurant to Another World: The Complete SeriesBD
11/05/2019FunimationShonen Maids: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/05/2019FunimationYu Yu Hakusho: The Complete Second Season SteelbookBD
11/05/2019Viz MediaCastlevania Season 2BD/DVD
11/12/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollBungo Stray Dogs Season: Seasons 1 & 2 + OVABD
11/12/2019FunimationGosick: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/12/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollIzetta: The Last Witch - EssentialsBD
11/12/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollRADIANT Season 1 Part 1BD/DVD
11/12/2019FunimationShomin Sample: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/12/2019Shout FactorySpirited Away: Collector's EditionBD
11/12/2019FunimationValkyrie Drive Mermaid: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/12/2019Viz MediaSailor Moon Sailor StarS Set 2BD/DVD
11/19/2019Aniplex of America Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II. lost butterfly Limited and Standard EditionBD
11/19/2019FunimationFruits Basket (2019 version) Season 1 Part 1BD/DVD
11/19/2019FunimationFunimation/Fruits Basket (2019 version) Season 1 Part 1 Limited EditionBD/DVD
11/19/2019FunimationBlood Blockade Battlefront + Blood Blockade Battlefront & BeyondBD
11/19/2019FunimationFull Metal Panic! Invisible VictoryBD
11/19/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollHarukana Receive: The Complete SeriesBD
11/19/2019FunimationHYOUKA: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/19/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollRecovery Of An MMO Junkie: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/19/2019FunimationShow By Rock!! The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/19/2019Shout FactoryMillennium ActressBD/DVD
11/26/2019Eleven ArtsA Silent Voice: Limited EditionBD
11/26/2019Sentai FilmworksHaikyu!! Season 3BD/DVD
11/26/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollJuni Taisen: Zodiac War: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/26/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollMy Roommate is a Cat: The Complete SeriesBD
11/26/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollNanbaka: The Complete SeriesBD
11/26/2019FunimationOne Piece: Episode Of SkypieaBD/DVD
11/26/2019FunimationStar Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Part 2BD/DVD
11/26/2019Discotek MediaSpace Adventure Cobra The MovieBD
12/03/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollChain Chronicle The Light Of Haecceitas: The Complete Series + 3 MoviesBD
12/03/2019FunimationIs This A Zombie? (Seasons 1 & 2)BD
12/03/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollKiss Him, Not Me!: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
12/03/2019FunimationKoro Sensei Quest! - EssentialsBD
12/03/2019FunimationMeiji Tokyo Renka: The Complete SeriesBD
12/03/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollTsukigakirei: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
12/03/2019Sentai FilmworksK-ON! Ultimate CollectionBD
12/03/2019Nozomi EntertainmentMai Mai Miracle FilmBD
12/03/2019Viz MediaBleach Set 5BD
12/10/2019Funimation18if: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
12/10/2019FunimationThe Disastrous Life of Saiki K Season 1 - EssentialsBD
12/10/2019FunimationHeavy Object: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
12/10/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollKADO: The Right Answer - EssentialsBD
12/10/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollSeven Mortal Sins: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
12/10/2019FunimationSnow White With The Red Hair: The Complete Series - ClassicsBD
12/17/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollAkashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
12/17/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollHand Shakers: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
12/17/2019FunimationHetalia 10th Anniversary World Party Collection 1 + MovieDVD
12/17/2019FunimationHetalia 10th Anniversary World Party Collection 2DVD
12/17/2019FunimationYona Of The Dawn: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
12/17/2019Sentai FilmworksBloom Into YouBD
12/17/2019Sentai FilmworksBloom Into You Premium Box SetBD
12/17/2019Sentai FilmworksGolden Time: The Complete CollectionBD
12/24/2019Aniplex of AmericaKill la Kill Complete Box SetBD
12/24/2019Discotek MediaGiant Robo: The Complete OVA SeriesBD
12/24/2019Discotek MediaMedabots: The Complete First SeasonBD
12/31/2019Sentai FilmworksHaikyu!! Season 3 Premium Box SetBD/DVD
01/07/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollBerserk: The Complete SeriesBD
01/07/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollBlack Clover Season 2 Part 2BD/DVD
01/07/2020FunimationA Certain Magical Index Season 3 Part 2BD/DVD
01/07/2020FunimationDagashi Kashi Season 2 - EssentialsBD
01/07/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollENDRO!: The Complete SeriesBD
01/07/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollHinomaru Sumo Part 1BD
01/07/2020Viz MediaPokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension: the Complete SeasonDVD
01/07/2020FunimationSpace Dandy: The Complete Series - ClassicsBD
01/07/2020FunimationSpice and Wolf: The Complete Series - ClassicsBD
01/07/2020FunimationYu Yu Hakusho: The Complete Third Season - SteelbookBD
01/07/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollZombie Land SagaBD
01/07/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollZombie Land Saga Limited EditionBD/DVD
01/14/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollClockwork Planet: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/14/2020FunimationDragon Ball SUPER Part 10BD/DVD
01/14/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollGamers! The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/14/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollKnight's & Magic: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/14/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollMagical Girl SpecOps Asuka: The Complete SeriesBD
01/21/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollAlice & Zoroku: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/21/2020FunimationD-Frag! The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/21/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollThe Morose Mononokean Season 2BD/DVD
01/21/2020Sentai FilmworksMonster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls SteelbookBD
01/21/2020Sentai FilmworksNo Game, No Life SteelbookBD
01/21/2020Viz MediaBoruto Naruto Next Generations Set 4BD/DVD
01/28/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollBoogiepop and Others: The Complete SeriesBD
01/28/2020FunimationConcrete Revolutio: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/28/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollSaiyuki Reload Blast - EssentialsBD
01/28/2020FunimationSSSS.Gridman: The Complete SeriesBD
01/28/2020FunimationSSSS.Gridman: The Complete Series Limited EditionBD/DVD
01/28/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollTsugumomo: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/28/2020Viz MediaJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Set 5 Limited EditionBD
01/28/2020Viz MediaJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Set 5DVD
01/28/2020Sentai FilmworksTsurune: The Complete CollectionBD
01/28/2020Sentai FilmworksTsurune Premium Box SetBD
01/28/2020Discotek MediaBoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo: The Complete SeriesBD
01/28/2020Discotek MediaGalaxy Express 999: Eternal FantasyBD
02/04/2020FunimationGARO: The Animation - The Complete SeriesBD
02/04/2020FunimationIsekai Quartet Season 1BD
02/04/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollMiss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: The Complete Series - ClassicsBD
02/04/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 1 Part 2BD/DVD
02/04/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 1 Part 2 Limited EditionBD/DVD
02/11/2020Sentai FilmworksGrave of the Fireflies - SteelbookBD
02/11/2020FunimationEndride: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
02/11/2020FunimationFruits Basket Season 1 Part 2BD/DVD
02/11/2020FunimationFruits Basket Season 1 Part 2 Limited EditionBD/DVD
02/11/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollReLIFE: Final Arc - ClassicsBD
02/11/2020FunimationUnbreakable Machine Doll: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
02/18/2020Viz MediaHunter x Hunter Set 7BD/DVD
02/18/2020Sentai FilmworksReal Girl: The Complete SeriesBD
02/18/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollKino's Journey: The Beautiful World The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
02/18/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollRadiant Season 1 Part 2BD/DVD
02/18/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollRadiant Season 1 Part 2 Limited EditionBD/DVD
02/18/2020FunimationShow By Rock!!: The Complete SeriesBD
02/18/2020FunimationStar Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 - The Complete SeriesBD
02/18/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollThe Royal Tutor: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
02/25/2020Sentai FilmworksFood Wars! The Third PlateBD/DVD
02/25/2020Sentai FilmworksFood Wars! The Third Plate Premium Box SetBD/DVD
02/25/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollA Sister's All You Need: the Complete Series - EssentialsBD
02/25/2020FunimationCode Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection: SteelbookBD
02/25/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollCode:Realize Guardian of Rebirth The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
02/25/2020Funimation-CrunchyrollLove Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over The RainbowBD
02/25/2020FunimationWanna Be The Strongest In The World: the Complete Series + OVAs - EssentialsBD
03/31/2020Aniplex of AmericaThe Promised Neverland Season 1BD
04/21/2020Aniplex of AmericaSword Art Online: Alicization Season 1BD

Assassination Classroom Season 2 Classics Blu-Ray - $37.49

Retail Price: $49.98
You Save: $12.49

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 1 DVD - $29.99

Retail Price: $39.98
You Save: $9.99

Devils' Line Premium Box Set Blu-ray - $84.49

Retail Price: $129.98
You Save: $45.49

Kakuriyo Bed & Breakfast for Spirits Season 1 Part 1 Blu-ray - $38.99

Retail Price: $64.98
You Save: $25.99

Classroom of the Elite Essentials Blu-ray - $22.49

Retail Price: $29.98
You Save: $7.49

Tada Never Falls in Love Blu-ray - $45.49

Retail Price: $69.98
You Save: $24.49

New Cutey Honey OVA Series Blu-ray - $22.46

Retail Price: $29.95
You Save: $7.49

Wolf's Rain Classics Blu-ray - $37.49

Retail Price: $49.98
You Save: $12.49

Initial D Legend Theatrical Collection Blu-ray - $32.49

Retail Price: $49.98
You Save: $17.49

One Piece - Episode of East Blue: Luffy and His Friends? Great Adventure Blu-ray/DVD - $26.24

Retail Price: $34.98
You Save: $8.74

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Part 1 Blu-Ray/DVD - $48.74

Retail Price: $64.98
You Save: $16.24

AOKANA Four Rhythm Across the Blue Essentials Blu-ray - $22.49

Retail Price: $29.98
You Save: $7.49

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 War In the Pocket Blu-ray - $25.99

Retail Price: $39.99
You Save: $14.00

Ouran High School Host Club Complete Series Classic Blu-ray - $37.49

Retail Price: $49.98
You Save: $12.49

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 1 Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD - $48.74

Retail Price: $64.98
You Save: $16.24

FLCL Progressive DVD - $17.98

Retail Price: $19.98
You Save: $2.00

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Set 3 DVD - $35.99

Retail Price: $39.99
You Save: $4.00

Mr Tonegawa Middle Management Blues Blu-ray - $58.49

Retail Price: $89.98
You Save: $31.49

Hetalia 10th Anniversary World Party Collection 1 + Movie DVD - $52.49

Retail Price: $69.98
You Save: $17.49

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Arrow of the Orion Movie Blu-ray - $25.99

Retail Price: $39.98
You Save: $13.99

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD - $63.74

Retail Price: $84.98
You Save: $21.24

Goblin Slayer Season 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD - $63.74

Retail Price: $84.98
You Save: $21.24