Upcoming English Dubbed Release Dates

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10/02/2018FunimationDragon Ball Super Part 5BD/DVD
10/02/2018FunimationFree!: The Movie -Take Your MarksBD/DVD
10/02/2018FunimationFree! Movie Collection Limited EditionBD/DVD
10/02/2018Nozomi EntertamentGalaxy AngelsBD
10/02/2018Nozomi EntertamentGalaxy Angels ZBD
10/02/2018FunimationHigh Speed! -Free! Starting DaysBD/DVD
10/02/2018FunimationHyouka: The Complete SeriesBD
10/02/2018FunimationRosario + Vampire: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
10/02/2018FunimationThe Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Season 1BD
10/02/2018Viz MediaPokemon Movies 1 - 3BD/DVD
10/02/2018Viz MediaSailor Moon S: The MovieBD/DVD
10/09/2018FunimationMonster Hunter Stories Ride On Season 1 Part 4BD/DVD
10/09/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollNanbaka Part 2BD/DVD
10/09/2018FunimationPrison School - EssentialsBD
10/09/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollRecovery of an MMO JunkieBD/DVD
10/09/2018FunimationWorld Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman - EssentialsBD
10/09/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollYamada-kun and The Seven Witches: The Complete Series - EssentialBD
10/16/2018Sentai FilmworksSeven Heavenly VirtuesBD
10/16/2018FunimationDance with Devils - EssentialsBD
10/16/2018FunimationHeavy Object Season 1BD
10/16/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollJuni Taisen: Zodiac War Season 1BD/DVD
10/16/2018FunimationMamoru Hosoda Movie CollectionBD
10/16/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollOrange: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
10/16/2018FunimationSnow White with the Red Hair: The Complete SeriesBD
10/16/2018Viz MediaTerra Formars RevengeBD/DVD
10/23/2018Sentai FilmworksMade in AbyssBD
10/23/2018Sentai FilmworksMade in Abyss Premium Box SetBD
10/23/2018Funimation-Crunchyroll91 Days: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
10/23/2018FunimationConcrete Revolutio: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
10/23/2018FunimationEndride: The Complete SeriesBD
10/23/2018FunimationWitch Hunter Robin: The Complete SeriesDVD
10/30/2018Sentai FilmworksHitorijime My HeroBD
10/30/2018FunimationDagashi Kashi: The Complete Series Season 2BD
10/30/2018FunimationFirst Love Monster - EssentialsBD
10/30/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollTaboo Tattoo: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
10/30/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollRe:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - Season One Part TwoBD/DVD Combo
10/30/2018Mill CreekMetropolis SteelbookBD/DVD
11/06/2018Sentai FilmworksNegima!?: The Complete CollectionBD
11/06/2018Maiden JapanPatlabor -The Mobile Police-: Ultimate CollectionBD
11/06/2018FunimationHanda-kun Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/06/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollBlack Clover Season One Part TwoBD/DVD Combo
11/06/2018FunimationAngel Links The Complete SeriesDVD
11/06/2018FunimationStar Blazers Yamato 2199 Part TwoBD/DVD Combo
11/06/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollKino's Journey -The Beautiful World- The Complete SeriesBD
11/06/2018Viz MediaPokemon Sun & Moon: The SeriesDVD
11/13/2018Viz MediaSailor Moon Super S Part 2BD/DVD
11/13/2018Sentai FilmworksGatchaman Crowds: The Complete CollectionBD
11/13/2018FunimationAnd you thought there is never a girl online? The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/13/2018FunimationJoker Game The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/13/2018FunimationCowboy Bebop The Movie - Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Collector's CaseBD
11/13/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollCode:Realize -Guardian of Rebirth- The Complete SeriesBD/DVD Combo
11/13/2018FunimationOne Piece Collection 23DVD
11/13/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollReLIFE Final ArcBD/DVD Combo
11/13/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollA Sister's All You Need. The Complete SeriesBD
11/13/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollTwin Star Exorcists Part ThreeBD/DVD Combo
11/13/2018FunimationDrifters The Complete Series - ClassicBD
11/20/2018Aniplex of AmericaFate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel I. Presage FlowerBD
11/20/2018Aniplex of AmericaFate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel I. Presage Flower Limited EditionBD
11/20/2018Sentai FilmworksK-ON! Complete Collection Premium Box SetBD
11/20/2018Sentai Filmworks/Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions: Take On MeBD/DVD
11/20/2018Sentai KIDSHello Kitty & Friends -Let's Learn Together- Collection 1DVD
11/20/2018Sentai KIDSHello Kitty & Friends -Let's Learn Together- Collection 2DVD
11/20/2018FunimationBlood Blockade Battlefront Season TwoBD/DVD Combo
11/20/2018FunimationGARO -VANISHING LINE- Part 1BD/DVD Combo
11/20/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollThe Morose Mononokean The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/20/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollMyriad Colors Phantom World The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/20/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollSpace Patrol Luluco The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/20/2018Aniplex of AmericaFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Box Set 1BD
11/20/2018Aniplex of AmericaFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Box Set 2BD
11/20/2018Shout FactoryFireworksBD/DVD
11/20/2018Aniplex of AmericaFate/Apocrypha Box Set 1BD
11/27/2018Sentai FilmworksUQ Holder!: The Complete CollectionBD
11/27/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollKing's Game The Complete SeriesBD/DVD Combo
11/27/2018FunimationThree Leaves, Three Colors The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/27/2018FunimationRegalia: The Three Sacred Stars The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
11/27/2018Eastern StarDinosaur King Season 1: Complete CollectionBD
11/27/2018Eastern StarDinosaur King Season 2: Complete CollectionBD
11/27/2018Eastern StarHellsBD
11/27/2018Eastern StarLupin the 3rd: The Legend of the Gold of BabylonBD
12/04/2018Sunrise IncMobile Fighter G Gundam Collection 1BD/DVD
12/04/2018Sunrise IncMobile Fighter G Gundam Ultra EditionBD
12/04/2018Sentai FilmworksAkame Ga Kill: The Complete CollectionBD
12/04/2018Maiden JapanDen-Noh Coil: The Complete CollectionBD
12/04/2018FunimationBanner of the Stars: The Complete SeriesDVD
12/04/2018FunimationCheer Boys!! The Complete Series -EssentialsBD
12/04/2018FunimationCrest of the Stars: The Complete SeriesDVD
12/04/2018Shout FactoryDigimon Adventure tri: FutureDVD
12/04/2018Viz MediaNaruto Shippuden Set 36DVD
12/04/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollThe Silver Guardian: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
12/04/2018Viz MediaCastlevania Season 1BD/DVD
12/04/2018Eleven ArtsHaikara-san Here Comes Miss Modern Part 1BD
12/11/2018Sentai FilmworksPrincess Tutu: The Complete CollectionBD
12/11/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollAnime-Gataris: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
12/11/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollKonohana Kitan: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
12/11/2018FunimationSamurai Warriors: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
12/11/2018FunimationTrickster: The Complete SeriesBD
12/11/2018Shout FactoryMy Neighbor Totoro - 30th Anniversary EditionBD
12/18/2018Sentai FilmworksTakunomi: The Complete CollectionBD
12/18/2018FunimationTales of Zestiria the X: The Complete SeriesBD
12/18/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollURAHARA: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
12/18/2018Aniplex of AmericaMarch Comes in Like a Lion Volume 3BD
01/08/2019Sunrise IncMobile Fighter G Gundam Collection 2BD/DVD
01/08/2019Maiden JapanHuman Crossing: The Complete CollectionBD
01/08/2019FunimationDragon Ball SUPER Part 6BD/DVD
01/08/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollKanColle Kantai Collection: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/08/2019Viz MediaPokemon Battle Frontier: The Complete CollectionDVD
01/08/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollTwin Star Exorcists Part 4BD/DVD
01/15/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollBlack Clover Season 1 Part 3BD/DVD
01/15/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollBlack Clover Season 1 Part 3 Collector's BoxBD/DVD
01/15/2019Viz MediaHunter x Hunter Set 5BD/DVD
01/15/2019FunimationOverlord II Season 2BD/DVD
01/15/2019FunimationOverlord II Season 2 Limited EditionBD/DVD
01/22/2019Sentai FilmworksLand of the Lustrous: The Complete Collection SteelbookBD
01/22/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollCitrus: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
01/22/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollDimension W: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/22/2019Viz MediaJojo's Bizarre Adventure Set 3DVD
01/22/2019FunimationOne Piece 3D2Y: Overcoming Ace's DeathBD/DVD
01/22/2019FunimationPandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn: Th Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/29/2019Sentai FilmworksGirls Last Tour: The Complete CollectionBD
01/29/2019Sentai FilmworksGirls Last Tour: The Complete Collection Premium Box SetBD
01/29/2019FunimationDivine Gate: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/29/2019FunimationGangsta: The Complete Series - EssentialsBD
01/29/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollThe Ancient Magus' Bride Part 1BD/DVD
01/29/2019Funimation-CrunchyrollThe Ancient Magus' Bride Part 1 Limited EditionBD/DVD
02/12/2019Aniplex of AmericaFate/Apocrypha Box Set 2BD
02/26/2019Bandai VisualMobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) Blu-Ray Box Complete Edition (Import)BD
04/09/2019Aniplex of AmericaMarch Comes in Like a Lion Volume 4BD