Upcoming English Dubbed Release Dates

12/05/2017Nozomi EntertainmentRevolutionary Girl Utena 20th Anniversary Ultra EditionBD
12/05/2017Viz MediaSailor Moon Crystal Set 3 Limited EditionBD/DVD
12/05/2017Sunrise IncMobile Suit Gundam Wing Collector's Ultra EditionBD
12/05/2017Viz MediaPokemon Advance Challenge Complete CollectionDVD
12/05/2017Sentai FilmworksClannad & Clannad After Story Complete CollectionBD
12/05/2017Sentai FilmworksHakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East Complete CollectionBD
12/05/2017Sentai FilmworksInitial D Legend 1 AwakeningBD/DVD
12/05/2017Sunrise IncMobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless WaltzBD/DVD
12/05/2017Nozomi EntertainmentRevolutionary Girl Utena Set 3BD
12/05/2017Shout FactoryDigimon Adventure Tri ConfessionBD/DVD
12/05/2017FunimationLove Live! Sunshine!! Season 1BD/DVD
12/05/2017FunimationMob Psycho 100BD/DVD
12/05/2017FunimationMob Psycho 100 Limited EditionBD/DVD
12/05/2017Nozomi EntertainmentNinja NonsenseBD
12/05/2017FunimationOne Piece Collection 21DVD
12/05/2017FunimationTaboo TattooBD/DVD
12/08/2017Bandai VisualMobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Bandit Flower (Import)BD
12/08/2017Bandai VisualMobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Bandit Flower 4K Ultra HD (Import)BD
12/12/2017Sentai FilmworksChaika: The Coffin Princess Complete SeriesBD
12/12/2017FunimationD.Gray-Man Season 3 Part 2DVD
12/12/2017FunimationTrickster Part 1BD/DVD
12/19/2017Aniplex of AmericaSword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal ScaleBD/DVD
12/19/2017Aniplex of AmericaAniplex of America/Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale Limited EditionBD/DVD
12/19/2017Sentai FilmworksCross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon Complete SeriesBD
12/19/2017FunimationDragonar Academy S.A.V.E. EditionBD/DVD
12/19/2017Aniplex of AmericaMarch Comes In Like A Lion Volume 1BD
12/19/2017Media BlastersAi No Kusabi UnchainedBD/DVD
12/26/2017Aniplex of AmericaOccultic;Nine Volume 2BD
12/26/2017FunimationRiddle Story of Devil S.A.V.E. EditionDVD
12/26/2017FunimationThe Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Part 1BD/DVD
12/26/2017FunimationThe Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Part 2BD/DVD
12/26/2017Eastern StarProject ARMSDVD
12/26/2017Eastern StarBarefoot Gen Movies 1-2BD/DVD
12/26/2017Aniplex of AmericaKiznaiverBD
12/26/2017Eastern StarLupin the 3rd Part II Collection 2DVD
12/26/2017Eastern StarPhoton: The Idiot AdventuresDVD
01/09/2018FunimationMy-Hime: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
01/09/2018FunimationMy-Otome: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
01/09/2018FunimationMy-Otome Zwei & My-Otome 0~S.ifr~: The OVA CollectionBD/DVD
01/09/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollYamada-kun and the Seven Witches: The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
01/09/2018Viz MediaNaruto Shippuden Set 33DVD
01/16/2018Sentai FilmworksHaikyu!! Season 2BD/DVD
01/16/2018Sentai FilmworksHaikyu!! Season 2 Premium Box SetBD/DVD
01/16/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollBerserk: Season 1BD/DVD
01/16/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollBerserk: Season 1 Limited EditionBD/DVD
01/16/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollKabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Season 1BD/DVD
01/16/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollKabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Season 1 Limited EditionBD/DVD
01/16/2018Shout FactoryMy Neighbors The YamadasBD/DVD
01/16/2018Shout FactoryThe Cat ReturnsBD/DVD
01/16/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollThe Morose MononokeanBD/DVD
01/16/2018Shout FactoryWhisper of the HeartBD/DVD
01/23/2018Sentai FilmworksTyphoon NorudaBD
01/23/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollAce Attorney Part 1BD/DVD
01/23/2018Viz MediaTerra FormarsBD/DVD
01/30/2018Sentai FilmworksTanaka-kun is Always ListlessBD/DVD
01/30/2018Sentai FilmworksTanaka-kun is Always Listless Premium Box SetBD/DVD
01/30/2018Shout FactoryNapping PrincessBD/DVD
02/06/2018FunimationKeijo!!!!!!!! The Complete SeriesBD/DVD
02/06/2018FunimationKeijo!!!!!!!! The Complete Series Limited EditionBD/DVD
02/06/2018Viz MediaPokemon XYZ Set 2DVD
02/06/2018Shout FactoryPom PokoBD/DVD
02/06/2018Shout FactoryTales from EarthseaBD/DVD
02/06/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollYuri!!! on IceBD/DVD
02/06/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollYuri!!! on Ice Limited EditionBD/DVD
02/13/2018Aniplex of AmericaBlue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga Volume 2BD/DVD
02/13/2018Sentai FilmworksFood Wars! The Second PlateBD/DVD
02/13/2018Sentai FilmworksFood Wars! The Second Plate Premium Box SetBD/DVD
02/13/2018FunimationAkiba's Trip: The AnimationBD/DVD
02/13/2018FunimationFairy Tail Collection 11BD/DVD
02/13/2018FunimationMonster Hunter Stories Ride On Season 1 Part 1BD/DVD
02/13/2018FunimationTouken Ranbu Hanamaru Season 1BD/DVD
02/13/2018Viz MediaHunter x Hunter Phantom RougeBD/DVD
02/20/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollALL OUT!! Part 1BD/DVD
02/20/2018FunimationDragon Ball Super Part 3BD/DVD
02/27/2018Sentai FilmworksFlip FlappersBD
02/27/2018Sentai FilmworksFlip Flappers Premium Box SetBD
02/27/2018FunimationAttack on Titan/Season 2BD/DVD
02/27/2018FunimationAttack on Titan/Season 2 Limited EditionBD/DVD
02/27/2018FunimationIzetta: The Last WitchBD/DVD
03/06/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollBungo Stray Dogs Season 1BD/DVD
03/06/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollBungo Stray Dogs Season 1 Limited EditionBD/DVD
03/06/2018FunimationFairy Tail Dragon CryBD/DVD
03/06/2018FunimationFairy Tail ZeroBD/DVD
03/06/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollKiss Him Not MeBD/DVD
03/06/2018Sunrise IncMobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn)BD/DVD
03/06/2018FunimationTrickster Part 2BD/DVD
03/13/2018Sentai FilmworksInitial D Legend 2: RacerBD/DVD
03/13/2018FunimationD.Gray-Man Season 4 Part 1DVD
03/13/2018FunimationTales of Zestiria the X Season 2BD/DVD
03/20/2018Sentai FilmworksChihayafuru Season 2BD/DVD
03/20/2018Sentai FilmworksChihayafuru Season 2 Premium Edition Box SetBD/DVD
03/20/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollHand ShakersBD/DVD
03/20/2018FunimationOne Piece Season 9 Voyage 4BD/DVD
03/27/2018Sentai FilmworksThe Life of Budori GusukoBD
03/27/2018Funimation-CrunchyrollGintama Series 3 Part 1BD/DVD
04/10/2018Aniplex of AmericaMarch Comes In Like A Lion Volume 2BD
04/10/2018Viz MediaSailor Moon Super S Limited EditionBD/DVD